The Warehouse Group Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address

With its extensive supply chain, it was able to deliver high-quality products at low cost that made it very much in demand in the market. Today, after 30 years, it is globally present both online and offline in the life of Kiwis and they rely totally on the company for their everyday needs.

Besides, venturing into business, the company is also doing its bid for the country and environment by contributing a huge amount of money as the donation. Here, in this article, users can easily find assorted information about the company which they are looking for with ease.

The Warehouse Group Customer Services Contact Details

The Warehouse Group Customer Services Number: 0800 422 274

Customers are free to call customer service for any kind of query between 8.00am to 5.30pm from Monday to Friday and from Saturday to Sunday between 9.00am to 4.00pm.

The Warehouse Group Customer Service Office Email ID:[email protected]
If the need arises one can also drop in mail to the company and seek any kind of information that may be required. Besides, one can also give complaints, suggestions and feedback as well.

The Warehouse Group Office Contact Details

The Warehouse Group Head Office Address:26 The Warehouse Way, Northcote, Auckland 0627, New Zealand

The Warehouse Group Postal Address:P O Box 33470, Takapuna, Auckland 0740

The Warehouse Group Office Phone Number:(+64) 9489 7000

The Warehouse Group Office Fax Number:(+64) 9489 7444

The Warehouse Group Official
Through the official website, all the important links and information can be obtained that are very much important. The detailed information about the company can be obtained through this page. Important links are also available.

Social Profiles

Connecting with the company is easy through online social pages which you can follow and like.


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Important Links

 The entire contact information can be obtained through this link, the user can find the contact number and email for various media queries, environment and health queries and store queries as well. The contact addresses of the various offices are also provided here.

The Company has more than 242 retail stores and 13 online stores around the globe and is the biggest employer in all of New Zealand. It employs about 12,000 people around the world. The company offers a variety of career options and renders you with the opportunity for growth and betterment.

Health and
The company gives utmost important to the healthy environment and works for its betterment all the time. It takes pledge to keep the environment clean and also takes into hand the safety of it employees.


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  1. Today I shopped ar your Westgate store and on arriving at the checkout we found no operators, only one lady trying to help everyone in the self service area. In the past when shopping at other large stores and supermarkets if there is no operator I will leave my full trolley in the middle of that area and walk out. Today we had vouchers and needed help to know how to deal with this. On this occasion I asked to speak with your store manager. After waiting for her to be called twice and to hear the lady in the help area answer the questions to her, no I dont know who it is or what he wants, the manager eventually appeared. While waiting, there were enquiries for assistance for jewellery and cosmetics help, also a call went out twice ,for help at checkout as there were 18 people trying to use the self checkout. The poor lady trying to handle all these people. It was very unfair. The manager eventually arrived with help for checkout. The reason all staff were not in the areas to help customers was due to staff trying to unpack Christmas stock, which was due to poor stock and staff managment. What your manager fails to remember is that I dont care what happens in the back of your store, the only thing which customers want to know, is where is the service. Without us, that manager doesnt have a job. Just for your in formation, we spent $247:00 today and you dont deserve a cent of that. Regards
    Rodney Ogier
    Business mentor Chamber of Commerce
    021 344 391

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